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WaterMax water softener
Why is salt used in water softeners? Good question! Water softeners have a separate brine tank where salt is stored. During the brine cycle, water comes in contact with the salt which results in a brine solution. That solution is transported from the brine tank into the media tank (the other tank) and releases calcium magnesium (the hardness of the water) and flushes out to the drain.

Now that you know how water softeners work, how much salt does your water softener require? It really depends on the level of hardness in your water and the amount of water your household consumes.

The rule of thumb is that the water level should always be slightly lower than the salt level. This is because the water needs to be in contact with the salt to absorb it so it can then create the right concentration of brine.

On average, a family of four with average water hardness will use roughly one 40-lb bag of salt each month. If this applies to your current situation, maintain a half-full tank of salt. For smaller households, never keep your tank more than half full. Finally, for larger households, keep your tank about three-quarters full.

Water softeners are very efficient and use very little water and salt, so you never need to keep your brine tank full of salt. Salt clogs are an extreme pain as a household owner as well as difficult to clean up and should be avoided altogether. You can avoid salt clogs by checking your salt level regularly and refraining from filling up too high.

In summary, we want to emphasize the amount of salt depends on a variety of factors, but to always make sure your water level is slightly lower than the salt level.

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