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Hard Water Corrosion on pipes


If you have been shopping for a water softener, you may have noticed that you have a variety of water treatment options to consider. Understanding the differences between the water softener systems on the market will help you choose the best system to provide quality water treatment for your home. All water softeners use a resin media to attract and remove the hardness minerals of calcium and magnesium from your water. Water softeners differ, however, in the design of the water softener.


Conventional water softener systems have a design that is prone to water channeling or tunneling down the middle of the resin, which results in wasted media. As a result, the hard water follows the same path once the resin is too exhausted to attract any more minerals. This results in wasted pockets of resin and reduced softener efficiency. Until the system regenerates, it will be unable to provide quality water treatment.


Beyond problems with reduced efficiency, conventional water softeners do not offer the option to customize the system to address specific water problems. An "off the shelf" water softener usually only holds resin for hardness removal. This means you may need to have multiple systems to address all of your water treatment needs if you need to soften your water and filter out other unwanted materials, such as iron or chlorine.

The All-In-One Quality Water Treatment Solution

The WaterMax® is adaptable and precision engineered to efficiently meet all of your water treatment needs. The WaterMax system is designed to provide fresh filtered and softened water from every tap in your home.

Engineered with a baffle and multiple distribution screens, the WaterMax distributes the water evenly through the tank to prevent water channeling. This assures complete use of all the media between regenerations for optimal performance and efficiency. The WaterMax features three individual compartments so it can be customized to provide specific water treatment solutions. The bottom chamber holds a fine mesh resin media that is vacuum-packed, so the WaterMax can deliver the same performance as a much larger system, but in a compact size.


The middle and upper sections will hold filtration materials that are custom selected to meet your exact water needs. Additionally:

  • Carbon can be added for chlorine removal for those who have municipal water
  • Iron or sediment filtration can be used for those with well water

Along with quality water treatment you can see and feel, the WaterMax delivers the advantage of energy, time, and financial savings. The unit's built-in, self-cleaning filter means less maintenance and expense for you. The built-in dirt and sediment filter and features like the fully-customizable controls mean the WaterMax will provide years of worry-free water treatment. Peace of mind is another advantage you will enjoy with the WaterMax warranty.


We proudly stand behind our products with a 5 year, 10 year, and even lifetime warranty (based on the model). All of our products undergo quality control testing before leaving our facility so you know you are installing a product you can trust.


To learn more about how the WaterMax can meet your quality water treatment needs, contact your local authorized Hague Dealer today!

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