William R. Hague's vision started with a brief company sketch that began to take shape in 1960 with a staff of three. That vision has grown into a global presence that is Hague Quality Water International, exporting water treatment solutions to over 50 countries. Thanks to this vision, Hague is now the longest-standing water treatment manufacturer in the United States.

While we are an international company, we value goods designed, engineered, and assembled in the U.S. Our headquarters is in Groveport, Ohio.

"By having operations in the U.S., we can provide a higher quality of product. We are closer to our markets so we have superior delivery to our customers; I think it's important to make the product where you design it."

-Bob Hague

Reviews Bubble IconOur patented designs deliver unmatched quality in the water treatment industry. Our flagship product, the WaterMax®, is the world's most comprehensive, most efficient home water treatment system on the market today. Our engineers have developed those ideas for over 50 years to make sure that our products are the most efficient and innovative products for all. This level of quality wouldn't be possible without the hard-working people who keep us running.

Our goal is to always deliver the most durable and effective water treatment systems on the market, giving customers the softest, cleanest water every time. Dedicated to continued innovation in technology and service, Hague Quality Water International will have you feeling, tasting, and seeing the difference.

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