Hydroclean Water Filters

Pre-treat your water before it enters your softener for the best water for you and your appliances. Added in front of your water softener, these filters help cut down on scale build-up, reduce contaminants, and lengthen the lifespan of your softener. To treat your specific water needs, there are Hydroclean customized filters to deal with the hardest water problems. Available options are below:


Hydroclean add-on filters
iron filter


Understanding the Effects of Iron on Your Water
Iron is one of the most common, naturally-occurring contaminants in well water. While it's not necessarily a health concern at normal levels, it can cause an objectionable metallic taste and orange or rust-colored staining on sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and clothes at higher concentrations. These stains can be tough to clean and expensive to repair.

Iron Filter Benefits
Let Hague do the heavy lifting - this automatic, four-phase oxidizing system is engineered to treat iron, iron bacteria, and hydrogen sulfide. The Hydroclean Iron Filter has a unique double backwash system tested and proven to filter iron.


Understanding the Effects of Chlorine on Your Water
Used by municipal water treatment plants for disinfection, chlorine/chloramines can have a bad taste and odor and negatively affect your skin, hair, appliances, and more.

Activated Carbon Filter Benefits
Automated, self-sufficient - our automatic carbon filter answers your foul-tasting and smelling water problems. Efficiently designed with an activated carbon filtering bed to reduce chlorine taste and odor, you can enjoy your water again.

activated carbon filter
activated carbon filter


Understanding the Effects of Acid Water on Your Appliances
Water with a low pH level (with a potential of Hydrogen) is called acid water. Acid water damages dishes and stemware and harms expensive plumbing fixtures, leaving a bluish-green stain and a hole in your pocketbook.

Acid Neutralizer Benefits
Clear appliances, happy you - our Acid Neutralizer automatically corrects low pH water, so you can see the clarity in your dishware, lengthen the lifespan of your appliances, and save time and money on cleaning and repair costs.

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