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HYDROCLEAN Water Softener


Built for any household. Versions from 0.8 to 3.3 cubic feet of water softening technology and a version for up to 18.6 gallons per minute to accommodate even the largest households. Treating water with the Hydroclean means soft water at an economical price with low voltage technology.

The Dual-Mode controller allows you to choose when your softener runs with options based on time or water usage. The flow rate is displayed while water is in use. Power outage protection ensures your settings are saved, even if the power goes out.


Add water filters to the Hydroclean to build a full system that meets your specific needs.


System Specs:
Dimensions: Varies by model
10-Year Limited Warranty

10 year limited warranty
HC3 Water Softener


Bypass the water softener whenever you need it, so you can water your lawn, salt-free.
Control your regeneration cycle by time or water usage. The power is in your hands.
Longer water contact, more effective softening and better salt economy.
Holds cycle programs indefinitely even in the event of power-loss.
HC3 Water Softener

HYDROCLEAN Water Softener - FAQ

What’s the difference between a water softener and a water filter?
A water softener is the most effective way to treat hard water. The softener reduces amounts of magnesium and calcium that cause hard water by removing those minerals through a process called ion-exchange. The resin inside a water softener works like a magnet to collect the positively charged minerals.

A water filter removes unwanted contaminants through the use of a filter media that is designed to address specific elements. Filters work more like a net to capture the particles they are designed to remove. Multiple types of filtration may be necessary, depending on the composition of the water.

What does your 10-year product warranty cover?
Hague Quality Water International warrants that upon receipt from the original owner of The Hague Equipment Mineral Tank, Brine Tank, found to be defective in material or workmanship, Hague will replace said part(s) at no charge for those parts for 5 YEARS from date of installation. And thereafter, will replace said parts upon payment of the following percentages of the then current list price: 6th through 10th year – 50% of current price list. Read the full warranty.
Do I need to add salt to the Hydroclean 3?
Yes, salt is needed to complete the regeneration cycles the Hydroclean 3 softener needs to maintain performance. The salt should be refilled when the level drops below the water level in the brine tank.
Can I install this product myself?
To ensure our products are applied properly, all systems are sold and installed by our network of factory-trained dealers. Our warranty does not cover damage to a part or parts of the appliance resulting from improper installation, therefore we recommend installation be done by a Hague Authorized Dealer.

HYDROCLEAN Water Softener - USE & CARE