Maximizer 96MM/6MM Water Softener

WONDERFULLY SOFT. AT YOUR COMMAND.The Hague Maximizer is a comprehensive and patented water softener system designed to provide your home with soft water and money saving opportunities. Patented, comprehensive water treatment system features either a Five-Button Controller (96MM) or a Smart Touch Controller (6MM), dual cabinet design, and an easy to fill salt tank. Feel the difference with the soft water you deserve.

Put A Premium On Your Water

Unwanted contaminants like hard water minerals, chlorine, and iron are just a few things average homeowners struggle with when it comes to the quality of their water. Common water problems like these are not something you have to live with.


System Specs:
Dimensions: 38" x 30" x 15"
15-Year Limited Warranty

Review Hague Quality Water International 10 year limited warranty
WaterMax® Signature Series
Water Softener Benefits table
WaterMax® Softener dimensions

Maximizer 96MM/6MM Water Softener - FEATURES

96MM Water Softner
    Bypass the water softener whenever you need it, so you can water your lawn, salt-free.
    Silence your audible alerts any time using the "quiet time" setting.
    Maximize efficiency and quality so you get soft water with little waste.
    Save money with the self-cleaning sediment filter. No more filter changes.
    Use less salt with a quicker ion-exchange process.
    Protect your investment and never worry about system failure.

Maximizer 96MM/6MM Water Softener - FAQ

How is a Maximizer 96 different from other water softeners?
Maximizer 96 stands apart from other softeners with our patented, compact dual-chamber design. This comprehensive water treatment system with a built-in bypass provides as much softening power as a larger traditional system but in less space. The Maximizer 96 also includes a built-in sediment filter to help remove particles that may be in your water.
Do I need to add salt to a Maximizer?
Yes, water softener salt is necessary to keep the Maximizer operating properly but you will use less salt than our competition due to its vacuum-packed resin that provides a quicker ion-exchange process.
What’s the difference between a water softener and a water filter?
A water softener is the most effective way to treat hard water. The softener reduces amounts of magnesium and calcium that cause hard water by removing those minerals through a process called ion-exchange. The resin inside a water softener works like a magnet to collect the positively charged minerals

A water filter removes unwanted contaminants through the use of a filter media that is designed to address specific elements. Filters work more like a net to capture the particles they are designed to remove. Multiple types of filtration may be necessary, depending on the composition of the water.

What does your 15-year product warranty cover?
Hague Quality Water International warrants that upon receipt from the owner of any Hague Media Tank, Brine Tank, Main Control Valve found to be defective in material or workmanship, Hague will repair or replace the defective item, at no charge for that item, for 15 YEARS from date of installation. Read the full warranty.
Can I install this product myself?
To ensure our products are applied properly, all systems are sold and installed by our network of factory-trained dealers. Our warranty does not cover damage to a part or parts of the appliance resulting from improper installation, therefore we recommend installation be done by a Hague Authorized Dealer.

Maximizer 96MM/6MM Water Softener - USE & CARE

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