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Can Softened Water Be Too Slippery?

Our customers report noticing a big difference in their water, once they start using their Hague water softeners. One thing they mention frequently is how smoothly softened water glides across the skin. Since softened water is free of the dissolved minerals contained in hard water, it is noticeably less abrasive. Many people will call soft water "slippery" because it will feel different than what they are used to. This new smooth sensation is the absence of those hardness minerals, which means no more scale build up throughout your home! Slippery water washing hands

Is it possible for water to be too slippery?

In our experience we have actually had some customers complain that their water is too slippery after having a water softener or conditioner installed. They may find that the shampoo bottle slides out of their hands in the shower, or dishes may slip from their hands while washing them. In most cases, what's happening is that they are using the same amount of soap that they always have, without realizing that far less soap is now needed to get the job done. Since hardness minerals inhibit soap's ability to clean, it takes a lot more cleaning product to get suds and cleaning power when you have hard water. If people are in the habit of using a lot of soap and all of a sudden have soft water, there is way too much soap and sudsing, which of course, also makes things very slippery!


Hague Water Softener Dial

Depending on how hard their water is to begin with, we usually recommend that after the water softener is installed, customers use only a third or a half of what they're accustomed to using until they get in the habit of what is necessary with their newly softened water. If after adjusting soap levels, the water still seems too slippery, there is something else that the owners of Hague water softeners can do.


Hague water softeners have a "blending valve" that allows untreated hard water to be blended back into the softened water. There is a knob on the system that can be turned to find your perfect level of softness, much like turning the faucet to find the perfect temperature. You can have it all the way open for completely soft, or dial it back little by little until it feels just right.


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