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End Water Staining Headaches With A Hague Iron Filter

When it comes to water problems, well water is often the biggest source of complaints. A big issue reported by most homeowners who have well water is difficulty with getting things clean. Whether it's laundry, appliances, bathtubs, or sinks, some well water can cause heavy rust-colored stains on everything it touches. So, why do whites never seem to stay bright for people who have well water? The answer is iron. Iron Stained Faucet Iron in the water supply can lead to yellowing and rusty stains on the many home surfaces that come in contact with water. If you have well water in your home, it may seem like no amount of cleaning ever gets your toilets, tubs, and sinks free of reddish brown stains. You may also notice that white laundry items like towels, sheets, and socks always become dingy-looking, no matter what detergent you use. The amount of oxygen deep within a well is low, so any iron that may be present is dissolved within the water and will not be visible as it comes out of the faucet.



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However, as it becomes exposed to the air, the iron oxidizes creating the iron-oxide particles (a.k.a. rust) that causes the staining that is seen in things like fabrics and on porcelain. In addition to this visible staining, not so obvious rust and crusty build-up can occur within plumbing and water using appliances. This eventually means everything has to work harder and use more energy, which also means your entire home's efficiency is compromised.


Fortunately, Hague has a solution to the problem of iron. Hague's iron filter uses nature's own oxidation process to remove the iron, so you can enjoy your water again. Inside the filter is a chamber of air that the water with dissolved iron passes through. This forces it to oxidize and turn into a particle, that can then be easily filtered by the media inside. Hague iron filter advantages include:

  • Cleaner Plumbing - filtration media traps iron and removes it from your water before it enters your pipes.
  • No More Staining - protects every tap, shower, tub, and appliance from rust stains.
  • Self-Sustaining - no need to replace a filter cartridge; the system refreshes itself.

At Hague Water, we are committed to providing families with quality water. If you are not satisfied with your water, please contact a dealer for a FREE in-home water test to get you started on the path to cleaner, better water. Be sure to visit our find a dealer page to learn more.

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