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Six Things a Water Treatment Dealer Can Do to Improve Your Water

Glass of water being filled with lemon in itThe majority of American homes are dealing with the scale buildup and dingy laundry that comes from using hard water. Many homeowners with well water have iron, sulfur, or acidic water issues causing things like ugly rust stains, or awful smells on top of that. On the other hand, people with city water may not like the "pool water" taste and smell of the additives in city treated water.


If you are among those who are not satisfied with the water in your home, here are six things a water treatment dealer can do to improve your water.

1. A Free Consultation

The first step in solving your water problems is to get an accurate assessment of your specific problems. While many like a DIY solution, a water treatment dealer can provide expert analysis and identify the best solution based on a number of factors, like how much daily water usage is needed for your family or the best installation location for a system.

2. Test Your Water

This point goes along with why an expert consultation with a water treatment dealer is beneficial. As an experienced water treatment professional, your local dealer understands local water, and is equipped to test your water to know exactly what problems need to be addressed. They can perform onsite evaluations of the source of your water as well as what is coming out of the tap to isolate specific issues you may be dealing with. Before they even leave, you will know all the details of exactly what is in your water and how much.

3. Recommend the Right Product for Your Home

There are a wide range of products on the market that promise to resolve water problems. Unless you find the one suited to your specific issues, your money will not be well-spent. It's not just a matter of knowing what is in your water, but how much of it is there. Low levels of a contaminant may be better resolved by one product while high levels would need to be addressed by a different product entirely. An experienced water treatment dealer can recommend the right product to address your specific problems.

4. Install Your Water Treatment Product

If you are not experienced with plumbing and piping, the installation of a water treatment system can be complicated. The location of any water treatment will depend on certain factors around your home, like where you water is coming into your home in relation to the ability to drain the unit and provide power to the system. Yet another benefit of working with a water treatment dealer is that they can provide fast, expert installation, integrate it into your existing plumbing, and provide the best environment for your unit.

5. Provide On-going Maintenance and Service

This is essential peace-of-mind that your water treatment system will perform as expected. If there are any potential problems or issues, your technician will address them, so you can be assured of continuous, quality water. Whether that's scheduling preventive maintenance or helping with an emergency, having a relationship with a local dealer you can trust is the quickest way to worry-free water.

6. Deliver Salt to Your House

Your water treatment dealer can take maintenance off of your mind completely with water softener salt drop offs. Salt is essential to keeping a water softener working properly but it can be an item that is easy to forget about while running errands. Many dealers offer to bring the salt you'll need right to your door at scheduled intervals to make sure you always have some on hand. Once your dealer adds you to the route, you will not need to give your water treatment needs another thought.


Ready to learn more about how Hague Water Treatment Dealer can provide the complete water solution to benefit your home? Contact your local Hague Water Dealer today!

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