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What Makes The Best Water Softener System

Softened water from faucet It is easy to decide that you want to enjoy the benefits of softened water in your home. What may be a little more difficult is deciding what the best water softener system will be to meet your needs. This blog post will take a look at some of the most important considerations for water softener buyers.

Consider Your Water Needs

Determining the best water softener for your home involves evaluating features according to your home's particular needs. This means looking at your home water usage and specific water problems. Important features that will help you determine the best water softener to meet your needs include contaminant removal, filtration capabilities, size, ease of operation, regeneration capabilities, efficiency, cost of maintenance, and warranty. Below, we look at these features, as well as how the Hague WaterMax addresses those needs.

Contaminant Removal & Filtration Capabilities

When selecting a water softener, whether you have well water or city water will help to decide on the right softener. It is also necessary to have your water tested to determine the specific contaminants you're dealing with, and ultimately the best system to remove them.

The signs of hard water, like scale build-up, can be obvious but there may be other things in your water that are more stealthy. It is good to know right away if you need a system that can handle more than just hard water.

WaterMax offers distinct advantages as a comprehensive, whole-house water treatment system in a single appliance. It has three treatment phases to ensure water is thoroughly treated to remove a variety of contaminants, such as chlorine from city water or iron content commonly found in well water. It can be equipped with additional filter options for a complete solution no matter where you live or what is in your water.

Water Softener Size

WaterMax water softener

Calculating water usage will help you determine what size water softener system will be best to meet your needs. Water softeners include specifications on what capacity of hardness they are able to handle before they need to regenerate. Typically, we recommend using a product that can provide treated water for your home for 3-5 days before it needs to run it's regeneration cycles.

The size of the system that is able to do that will depend on the number of people in your family and your water-using habits. "Family A" with 4 kids may use more water on a regular basis than "Family B" of the same size right next door, because their kids participate on sports teams. "Family A" ends up taking more showers after practice and doing more laundry to support those hobbies. They would need a different product or special settings programmed into their softener's computer to accommodate those habits.

WaterMax is unique in that its patented design offers flexibility to meet a range of water needs by regenerating on demand - by date or water usage. It also features unique settings to ensure that if your household does see an abnormal increase in water usage, it keeps an extra "reserve" available so you can still get softened water, even before it is supposed to regenerate.

Ease of Operation

With any home appliance, including water softeners, ease of operation is an attractive feature. Generally speaking, as long as you continue to add the necessary salt a water softener runs independently without action from the owner, but some have additional features that enhance user-friendliness.

WaterMax Diagram

Hague has equipped the WaterMax with a host of features to optimize ease and efficiency:

  • Computerized, fully customizable controls
  • Built-in, self cleaning filter (no filter replacements)
  • Audible salt alerts - know when your softener needs more salt
  • Saves customized settings in case of power loss
  • Built-in bypass, so you can save softened water when you need to water your lawn
  • Customizable blending option to dial-in to the perfect level of soft water for your preference


Regeneration Capabilities and Efficiency

Saving money is very important in most households, so efficiency will be an essential consideration in determining the best water softener system. Here is where the benefits of one water softener over another might not be so obvious. It is important to do some research. Here are some of the efficiency factors WaterMax owners enjoy:

  • Softens & filters in up to 80% less time
  • Uses up to 50% less salt
  • Uses up to 80% less water
  • Renews resin beads quickly and quietly with as little water wasted as possible


Cost of Maintenance and Warranty

The time and expense associated with water softener maintenance should be considered before deciding on a water softener purchase. The money you spend on salt and filter replacements are a significant part of what the system will ultimately cost you. You also want to be sure that your softener is backed by a solid warranty. This is another area where the WaterMax shines. The built-in, self-cleaning filter eliminates replacement filter costs, and it's efficient regeneration process means 50% less salt use. The WaterMax is also backed by a 25 year warranty. We take great pride in the quality of our products. Every WaterMax is designed, assembled, and tested in the U.S.A. before it leaves the factory to ensure its quality.

The Best Water Softener System for You

There are many water softeners available to choose from, which can make coming to a decision difficult. Let our water treatment experts help by testing your water and determining exactly how much hardness you're dealing with and recommend the right system tailored to your family's usage needs. 

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