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InterFlo(TM) Offers a Better Drinking Water Solution

Hague is excited to offer an innovative approach to better drinking water - the InterFlo® complete filtration system. A dependable solution for both residential and commercial applications, the InterFlo water filtration filter system provides filtered water on demand.

InterFlo Model IF-14 and Model IF-15

Noticeable Drinking Water Improvement at an Entry-Level Price


The InterFlo system comes complete with a universal match head that can pair with all versions of filter cartridges available, making cartridge changes easier than ever before. The filtration results in a noticeable improvement in taste and odor problems, such as chlorine. Available at a conveniently affordable price, this easy-to-use and simple to install faucet filter produces comparable results to higher-end filters.


Now any homeowner can have better drinking water at a fraction of the price of conventional filtration systems. Even better, our InterFlo filters can install right into your existing cold water line. Which means there's no need to drill into your countertop to accommodate a second faucet if you don't want to.

Choose From Two Easy and Convenient Options

The InterFlo filtration system is available in two models:

  • MODEL IF-14 - IAPMO tested and certified to NSF standards 42 and 53 to reduce chlorine, lead, and cysts
  • MODEL IF-15 - an effective solution for reducing foul taste and odor

Both of these models offer a quick and convenient alternative for those who want filtered water, but don't want to attach a bulky, cumbersome filter to the end of their faucet, deal with the hassle of pitcher filters, or continuously waste money buying bottled water.


Owners can either install this system and filter the cold water line of any faucet, or use a separate dispensing faucet. The second option allows for optimal flow and extends cartridge life by avoiding the processing of water for dishwashing or other non-consumable purposes.

InterFlo Filter Features

Innovative InterFlo Filter Features

  1. InterFlo Filters are in-line filters that install on your cold-water line before it reaches your faucet. The IN/OUT head has the versatility to mount horizontally or vertically under the sink and can be used with all InterFlo model cartridges, so you can switch between the IF-14 or IF-15 as needed.
  2. Each InterFlo cartridge is designed to fit seamlessly with the system head, and is able to filter up to 7,900 gallons before needing replacement. A quick twist unlocks the cartridges for fast and easy changes.
  3. Compressed carbon provides the performance power behind the InterFlo filters. Tightly packed media allows water to pass through while trapping material that may be compromising the quality of your water.

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