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What is the difference between city water and well water? Let’s break it down!

City Water-
City water is treated in the city and meets (or surpasses) EPA standards. Only 2% of the city water is used for residential usage and the other 98% is allocated for industrial uses and fire fighting within the city.

Well Water-
Well water contains more chemicals since it is untreated water. Well water comes from underground water, such as an aquifer. Well water is more vulnerable to chemicals and metals / irons since the water comes from various sources including lakes, rivers, and landfills. Studies showed that 35,000 pesticides that are made from 600 chemical compounds can show up in well water.

The real question is… is the water in my home safe from chemicals?

The only way to tell if the water in your home is free of chemicals and pesticides is to have the water tested. Reach out to Hague Water Today! We offer a FREE in-home water test. We are committed to getting you and your family on a path to cleaner water.

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