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ONE™ Cartridge Filter

The ONE™ cartridge filter is like a hybrid between two types of filter. Like one of those small, under-sink cartridge filters, it has a replaceable filter cartridge. At the same time, it filters at the point of entry like the larger filter tanks that treat all the water in a building.

Closer to the size of a whole-home water filter system, the ONE™ cartridge filter is installed where water enters the home. Unlike other whole-home filters, this system uses replaceable filter cartridges.

Although the filters need to be replaced, it gives owners the freedom to buy the filter cartridges they want and change them whenever they please. Filter cartridges are easy to replace, taking the headache out of regular maintenance.

Different filter types allow owners to pick the level of filtration their water needs, like PFOA/PFOS filters, carbon block filters, double-pleated paper, and string wound/melt-blown filter cartridges.

The replaceable cartridge filters last a long time and help provide your whole home with quality water.


System Specs:
Dimensions: 8” W x 45” H x 10” D
Warranty: Limited 5 year Warranty

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ONE™ Cartridge Filter - FEATURES

Replacing a filter cartridge requires no tools, thanks to the screw-on and snap-in design. Downtime during changes is minimal. Simply open the filter tank, take the old filter out and put in a new one, then close the filter tank and you are good to go!
The high-quality construction of the outer tank stands the test of time for years of long-lasting water filtration. The universal design works with a wide variety of cartridge filters that fit inside, so your solution can be tailored to the type of water treatment your home needs.
Micron filtration varies by cartridge filter model, allowing owners to choose filters with precise filtration measurements, going as low as .5 microns. The ONE™ cartridge filter is certified to reduce lead, cysts and PFOA/PFOS when used with the CT-05-CB-AMCYL-IO contaminant reduction filter.
Some filter cartridges are rated to filter up to 50,000 gallons of water before requiring replacement. An optional bottom drain can be included to occasionally flush the tank from any accumulating debris, which will prevent the clogging of your filter cartridge. This quick and easy step means you will have to replace your filters less often!


ONE Cartridge Filter

ONE™ Cartridge Filter - FAQ

Do I need to add salt to this system?
Since the ONE™ cartridge filter is a filter and not a water softener, it does not need salt. Water softeners take certain heavy minerals out of water through a process called ion exchange. Water filters like the ONE™ cartridge filter do not use ion exchange to treat water, instead the filter material catches impurities and keeps them out of your water, so salt is not necessary.
How often do I need to change the filter cartridge?
Filter cartridges for the ONE™ will need to be replaced occasionally. The lifespan of a ONE™ filter cartridge is best measured in gallons filtered, not in time elapsed, because some homes will use a lot more water in a period of time than most, while others will use less. It will also depend on the level of contaminants in your water that are being removed. Typically, a cartridge should be replaced once per year, but your dealer may recommend less than that if you have high amounts of contaminants in your water.
What does the limited Warranty cover?
Starting at the date of original installation, the ONE™ cartridge filter limited warranty is offered under certain terms. The tank and filter solutions are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for one year, while the IN/OUT head assemblies are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for five years. Warranty is void if the unit is used in ways other than intended, and the warranty does not cover accidental damages, fires, floods, freezing, and other damages. Read the original warranty with the owner’s manual.
How do I know what filter cartridge to use?
The long list of available filter cartridges might be intimidating, but there is a way to find out what filter cartridges are best for you and your water. Water testing is the first step in determining which water treatment method is best. Knowing what is in your water, your Hague dealer will be able to suggest the most effective solution for treating your water.


ONE™ Cartridge Filter - USE & CARE