Water Softener Savings

Hague Quality Water International is driven to guarantee that you can feel, see and taste the difference. Give your bank account a break on costly repairs, save on cleaning supplies, and give your appliances extended life with Hague's innovative water-softening solutions.

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Save Your Time.
Keep Your Sundays.

Scale build-up caused by hard water doesn't have to take over your weekends.

  • Leave the cleaning products at the store and save up to 75% on cleaning supplies.
  • Never mind scrubbing away hard water spots and stains.
  • Save your favorite t-shirt and sleep on your favorite sheets for longer with soft water.


Save Your Money.
Only Water Down the Drain.

Hard water is hard on your plumbing and water heater. The damage that it causes can get expensive. Turn up the heat on your water, not your bills.

  • Lower your electric bill and save up to 30% on the energy it takes to heat your water.
  • Put your trust in Hague - extend the life of your water heater and save on maintenance costs and appliance replacements.


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Save Your Energy.
Water In, Water Out.

Use less water than it takes to fill an average bathtub. Our WaterMax uses less water than the competition during every regeneration cycle.

  • Reduce energy costs-a water heater protected by a water softener will lower annual energy costs on repairs and replacements.
  • Water your lawn or fill up your pool without wasting soft water.


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