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Water Treatment Companies serving Tennessee

3101 W. Market St. Suite 109
Johnson City, TN 37604
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1603 Frank Dawn Rd
Dandridge, TN 37725
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14855 Cainsville Rd
Lebanon, TN 37090
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2159 N Thompson Ln #A4
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
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50 Remington Way
Hickory, KY 42051
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Each water treatment company listed here is authorized by Hague Quality Water International, the longest-standing water treatment manufacturer in the United States. Each of these independently owned and operated Tennessee Hague Quality Water dealers specializes in water treatment services, including installing and servicing water softeners, water filtration, and drinking water systems. View each company profile for specific products and services, service areas, contact information, and more.

Choosing a Tennessee Water Softener & Filtration Dealer

Constantly refilling a water filter pitcher or buying cases of bottled water can be time-consuming and expensive. If you’re worried about the quality of your water, it’s time for a change. Installing a whole-house water filtration or water softening system provides long-lasting results. Treating your water not only removes contaminants, but it can also remove hard water-causing minerals that can leave spots on glasses and damage appliances.

While many home improvement tasks make good DIY projects, hiring an experienced, licensed company for plumbing or water lines is best. Water quality issues vary by location. Plus, not all water systems will resolve all water problems. Whether it be hard water, odors, or stains, a water treatment professional can analyze plumbing, water usage, water test results, sizing, and equipment location and provide a long-lasting solution. Don’t wait until your water quality problems get worse. Contact your local TN Hague dealer today.

Check for expertise, training, and experience

By choosing an authorized dealer in the Hague network, you’ll get help from a local company dedicated to the best water treatment practices. Each Hague dealer is a trained professional in diagnosing water quality problems and designing and installing water softeners, whole-house water filters, and drinking water systems. All Hague dealers are licensed and certified to fix water quality issues and have the experience, training, and expertise to ensure you get the best water softening or filtration system for your specific needs. With this expert assistance, you won’t have to worry about your home’s water quality or overpaying for the wrong water treatment system.

Choose high-quality water filtration and softener products

Since 1960, Hague has set the industry standard for water treatment. Your Tennessee Hague dealer has exclusive access to patented products that have helped homeowners improve their water quality over the past 60 years. Such solutions include our Maximizer water softeners, WaterMax® and WaterMax® Signature Series water softener and filter systems, and reverse osmosis water filters.

Other water treatment products include drinking water filters and commercial water filtration systems. Browse the full line of Hague water softener products or water filter products.

What Causes Water Problems in Tennessee?

Hard water: High levels of calcium and magnesium can reduce water flow rate or clog water drains, contributing to water spots, stains, or damaged plumbing or appliances.

Other water quality problems: Issues with water quality in Tennessee can be caused by various excess minerals or contaminants. Water quality issues vary by location. Whether it’s low pH, chlorine, iron, sulfur, lead, nitrates, or radon, your local Hague dealer can diagnose your specific water problems and help provide you with a long-term solution that fits your home and budget.

Water Treatment System Installation & Service

Treat your water today! The water treatment experts in the Hague network have helped homeowners across the state of Tennessee for decades by identifying the source of hard water, bad tastes and smells, rust stains, and more. With a range of water filtration and softening solutions available through Hague, your local dealer will install the right solution for your home or business.

Water Treatment Solutions:
  • Whole-House Water Filters
  • Water Softeners
  • Exclusive Water Softening & Filtration Products
  • All-in-One Water Treatment Systems
Water Treatment Benefits:
  • Cleaner, Softer Water
  • Longer Lasting Appliances
  • Better-Tasting Drinking Water
  • Increased Home Value
  • Peace of Mind

Next Steps to Cleaner, Softer, Filtered Water in Your Home

Getting the right water softener or water filtration system installation starts with finding an experienced professional. Hague products address major water quality problems, including hardness, iron, sulfur, and low pH. The best water treatment professional for your Tennessee home can accurately measure water test results and have the training, expertise, and experience to design and install an effective system that gives your cleaner, softer, better-tasting water.

1. Check qualifications and credentials

The water treatment professionals in the Hague network are local, established companies, licensed (where required), insured, and recognized by accredited organizations like the Water Quality Association. They offer a range of water softener and filtration products and the best warranties on Hague products. Each Hague dealer offers their own workmanship warranties and payment options and terms. Check out the profiles of the Tennessee water treatment companies listed here for highlights of their work, experience, and credentials.

2. Get a water test or inspection and quote

Call or fill out the contact form to set up a water test and estimate or to request service. When you choose a Tennessee Hague-authorized dealer, you’ll get a comprehensive water test, a custom-designed solution, and a written estimate at no charge.

3. Hire a Tennessee Hague dealer and enjoy peace of mind

Choose a Tennessee water treatment specialist based on the proposed solution, the quality of products, the company's reputation, the warranties offered, and the quoted price. Remember, you don’t want to pay for a water treatment solution you don’t need! After the work is completed, enjoy your cleaner, softer water for drinking, cooking, showering, laundry, and more.

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