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Does My City Water Need to be Treated?

Many people are under the impression that city water does not require filtering or conditioning since it undergoes treatment at a municipal water treatment facility. In reality, this is not always correct. City Landscape

City Water Treatment

The municipal water treatment facilities that provide city water are required to assure that the water they distribute meets the EPA standards for health and safety for consumption. There are no requirements for the removal of elements that can have a damaging effect on your home, like hard water. These other minerals could be preventing you from enjoying the aesthetic benefits that come with quality water.


It is also possible that the water can pick up other contaminants during the time it has left their facility and when it reaches your home. Let's go over a few of the things to consider when your water is provided by the city.

Chlorine in City Water

Person not enjoying City water

A big complaint with city water is the addition of chlorine that happens during municipal treatment. Varying amounts of chlorine are added to the water to keep it free from bacteria as it travels to individual households. This is done for your safety but once the treated city water reaches those homes, the chlorine is no longer necessary.


This unneeded chlorine results in problems like objectionable tastes and odors in your water. It can also have a drying effect on your skin and hair. Many people who are sick of smelling the harsh chemical attach carbon-based filters to their tap or shower head that need frequent replacements. With a Hague Quality Water system, you could filter out the chlorine throughout your entire home and never have to worry about buying a replacement cartridges ever again.


What Else is in City Water?

The majority of homes in the United States have hard water, meaning there is calcium or magnesium dissolved in the water. These are natural elements water picked up by passing through the bedrock in the ground. It's not harmful to drink, so your municipality doesn't worry about removing it. 


The problem with hard water is the calcium residue it leaves behind can damage your appliances, lead to extra spending, and dry out your hair and skin. Many high efficiency appliances NEED softened water in order to operate. Protecting your home from scale build-up and your bank account from unnecessary spending, it is important to install a water softener.


Other potential city water problems include:

  • Ammonia added by cities in combination with chlorine to strengthen their disinfection. Chlorine mixed with ammonia makes a compound called Chloramines that can affect copper pipes.
  • Lead that leaches into the water from old plumbing and infrastructures. 
  • PFOA chemicals introduced into your water after it leaves their facility.

A complete water analysis of your home water supply can identify the root problems with your city water that might be causing scum build up in the tub, dry skin and hair, or water that tastes like a swimming pool.

WaterMax Can Help with City Water Problems

WaterMax water softener Our customers who live in the city depend on the WaterMax Water Softener + Filter for whole-house softening and filtering. The WaterMax is user-friendly and provides fresh, softened and filtered water from every tap in your home.

  • Built-In Bypass - get softened water when you need it, bypass the unit when you don't
  • Smart Touch Controller - customized settings for specific water needs
  • Audible Salt Alerts - alerts you when your softener needs more salt - no need to guess (this is an optional add-on feature)
  • Built-In Dirt & Sediment Filter - Save time and money with the built-in pre-filter
  • Whole home Chlorine Filter - Activated carbon media inside absorbs the chemical
  • Softening Resin - High capacity fine mesh resin reduces hardness minerals
  • Quiet Regeneration - resin beads renew quickly and quietly with minimal water wasted
  • Power-Loss Protection - saves your customized settings in case of power loss

WaterMax is Fully Customizable

The WaterMax is unique among water treatment systems because it is fully customizable, allowing users to solve specific water problems. Instead of using multiple units to treat your water, you can meet all of your needs with one highly-efficient water treatment system. The unique WaterMax three compartment design allows for the use of additional custom media options to address specific treatment needs. Every WaterMax is built with fine mesh resin and Bacteriastat, to prevent the development of bacteria.


Contact your local authorized dealer to customize your WaterMax city water treatment solution today!

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