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Treating Rotten Egg Odor with Water Filtration

hydrogen sulfide gas makes water smell like rotten eggs There's nothing worse than dealing with a smell that you can't get rid of, especially if it's in every room of your home. The culprit may be your water.

When water smells like rotten eggs the reason is most often related to the amount of hydrogen sulfide gas trapped in the water. Not only is this smelly water unpleasant to drink or cook with, it can also be problematic for your home. A lot of hydrogen sulfide can also lead to black stains on silverware and plumbing fixtures.

The first step in fixing the problem of rotten egg water is determining where the sulfur smell is occurring. If you only notice the odor when you use hot water from your faucet, it could be an issue with your water heater. Most water heaters have something called an "anode rod" that can cause foul smells if they become damaged.

If the odor is present in both hot and cold water, it is likely to be a problem with your water supply. The best way to make the determination is to contact an experienced water professional to have your water tested.

Hague Sulfur Filter

Hague Quality Water offers a number of solutions for water problems, including rotten egg water due to hydrogen sulfide gas. The Hague Sulfur Filter clears up the problem throughout your entire home by filtering the water as soon as it enters the house. Gases are normally hard to remove from water because a gas isn't solid material; there is nothing for a filter to grab to make sure it doesn't continue on through your plumbing. Our sulfur filter is designed to convert the hydrogen sulfide gas trapped inside your water into particles that can be easily removed safely and naturally. Inside the top of the tank, the water passes through a pocket of air that oxidizes the gas changing it into a solid that can easily be filtered by the carbon media inside.

Hague Sulfur Filter Advantages

  • The compressed air chamber allows hydrogen sulfide gas to be oxidized as it enters the tank to form easy to remove particles.
  • The quality carbon media inside the filter collects the sulfur particles to protect your entire home from rotten egg water.
  • The filter uses slow-release technology to regulate pressurized air as it leaves the tank for smooth regeneration and quiet operation.
  • Advanced built-in computer technology tracks how much water you use and your water flow rates. The system has a battery back-up for dependable operation.


Find Your Local Authorized Hague Dealer

If your water smells like rotten eggs, you do not have to live with it. Contact your local Authorized Hague Dealer to learn how a sulfur water filter can solve the problem of rotten egg water for good.

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