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Answers to Frequently Asked Water Questions!

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We get a handful of commonly asked water quality questions and we're happy to answer them all for you! There is no such thing as a silly question, especially when it has to do with your health, happiness, and home!

Why should I think about my water?

Hague is committed to making sure the water in your home is doing the best for every aspect of your life. It's true, it's more than just water. Water can be used in different forms such as utility grade, working grade, or drinking water. Utility grade water is typically used for irrigation or other general applications where you don't really need to worry about what might be in your water.

Drinking water is the most important use for water because you are putting it into your body. This is where investing in the best water purification is important to protect your family from ingesting potentially harmful contaminants.

Working grade water is right in the middle of those two levels. This is the water that is flowing through your appliances, washing your clothes, and what you use to clean your body in the shower. Water that you put to work on a daily basis is likely the highest amount of water you use. If there are contaminants in it, like calcium (hardness), iron, hydrogen sulfide, or chlorine, it can lead to damaging effects to everything your water touches.

  • Your dishwasher, water heater, coffee pots, washing machines, etc. could end up with scale build up from hardness.
  • Iron will also build up and clog your appliances and plumbing, while causing unsightly rust stains in your toilets, sinks, and showers.
  • Hydrogen sulfide makes your whole house smell like the telltale "rotten egg" of sulfur.
  • Chlorine also has a foul smell, except like a harsh swimming pool. This can also dry out your skin from bathing.

How do I know what is in my water?

You do need to get your water tested. It's important that your water is tested to determine if it is carrying anything that can damage your home or affect your health. Every water source is different, even if your water is supplied by a city. We can't see, with our naked eye, if water has hardness, iron, lead, low pH (acidity), or most other things it picks up along the way. Your local authorized Hague dealer not only will have experience with the type  of water contaminants in your area, they also offer free in-home water testing to help you determine the quality of the water in your home. 

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What do I need to remove the things found in my water?

Your local Hague dealer will also be able to recommend the right type of water treatment to take care of the specific contaminants you have, how much of it exists in your water, and it's capable to keep up with how much water your family needs to use each day.

  • A water softener is the right choice to reduce any hard water scale build up.
  • Other issues you'd like to take care of to protect your entire home, like iron, chlorine, or hydrogen sulfide, would need a whole home water filter tailored to take out the specific issue you have.
  • Health concerns about the water you and your family drink, such as lead, arsenic, or nitrates, would require a certified drinking water filter. There's nothing to be worried about using water with lead in it to flush your toilets, but it is not recommended for filling up your child's water bottle

At Hague Quality Water, we know how tricky water issues can be. Many times you may have multiple contaminants exist from your water testing. That's why we've designed the unique WaterMax Signature Series! It has multiple sections inside so it can be customized to reduce up to three difference contaminants throughout your entire home. So if you have both hard water and chlorine added by your municipality, your WaterMax can be built to include both water softening resin and a carbon filter to take care of both problems in one efficient product. 

What if I have more questions?

Don't worry, your local Hague dealer is there to help! There are many different things to consider when it comes to your water and they are the experts who will walk you through the entire process. Not only will they test your water, teach you about the proper product for your situation, they will also complete the installation with your purchase so you don't have to worry about touching your plumbing to complete the project. 

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