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InterFlo Drinking Water Filter

Reliable filtered water can be yours in a variety of ways.

Different homes and different situations require different solutions, which is why Hague Quality Water offers the InterFlo Drinking Water Filter IF-14 and IF-15.

Both systems are a quick and convenient answer for those who don’t want to attach a bulky, annoying filter to the end of their faucet but are interested in having filtered water at home.

IAPMO Water Quality Platinum Seal

Model IF-14: The InterFlo IF-14 is a certified filtration solution capable of reducing over 99% of lead, cysts, and giardia from your water while removing over 94% of chlorine from city water.

Model IF-15: The InterFlo IF-15 is a carbon block filter that improves the smell and taste of your water.


System Specs:
Dimensions: 3.25” W x 16” L x 3.5” D
Warranty: Limited 1-Year Warranty

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InterFlo Drinking Water Filter - FEATURES

All InterFlo models are in-line filters that are installed on your cold-water line before it reaches your faucet. The IN/OUT head has the versatility to mount horizontally or vertically under the sink and can be used with all InterFlo model cartridges, so you can switch between the IF-14 or IF-15 as needed.
Every InterFlo cartridge is designed to fit seamlessly with the system head and can filter up to 7,900 gallons before needing replacement. With a simple twist, the cartridges unlock for quick and easy changes.
The performance power behind the InterFlo filters comes from the compressed carbon inside. The tightly packed media allows water to pass through while trapping things that may be affecting your water’s taste, smell, or other undetectable contaminants.


InterFlo Drinking Water Filter

InterFlo Drinking Water Filter - FAQ

How Can I Get my Water Tested?
Contact a Hague dealer today to get your water tested for free! Getting your water tested is the first step to finding out what the best filtration solution will be for your water. Depending on your water source and how you use it in your home, the right water treatment method may vary.
What is the Difference Between the IF-14 and IF-15?
Both the IF-14 and IF-15 use advanced filters to produce quality drinking water. The IF-14 is one certified to remove lead, cysts, giardia, and chlorine from your water. It is important to look for a filter that is tested and certified when dealing with water contaminants that pose health risks. While the IF-15 is still able to remove many contaminants that affect the taste and odor of your water, it does not have the same certification. It is best suited for water you know is free from those potential risks.
How often do I need to change the filter cartridge?
Filter cartridges for the IF-14 and IF-15 will need to be replaced occasionally. Depending on how often you use your filtered faucets, you will usually end up changing the filter cartridge every 6 to 12 months. Cartridges are approved to filter up to 7,900 gallons of water before needing to be replaced. If you start to lose water pressure, your water filter might be full of contaminants, and a replacement might be in order.
What does the limited 1 Year Warranty cover?
InterFlo Drinking Water filter systems IF-14 and IF-15 are covered under a limited 1-year warranty. This warranty covers the system from defects in materials and workmanship in manufacturing for 365 days from the date of purchase. This warranty is void if unauthorized replacement filters are used in the place of genuine manufacturer parts. Other restrictions apply, refer to the full product warranty for full details.


InterFlo Drinking Water Filter - USE & CARE