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Hydroclean HC3 Carbon Filter

Although there are many ways to get filtered water in your home, they do not all work the same way.

An under-sink filter is enough if all you want is one faucet with filtered drinking water. To have treated water access from every showerhead and faucet, choose a whole-home filtration system like the Hydroclean HC3 filter unit.

Installed where the water first enters your home, the HC3 uses activated carbon to remove chlorine found in city water.

Municipalities must include chlorine in the water supply to keep it safe from bacteria as it travels to your home, but it can give your water a harsh smell and dry out your skin.

The HC3 filter is designed to help make water from a city supply taste and feel better. Every city’s water is different, but your local Hague dealer can help you determine if the HC3 is the right solution to address your water’s needs.


System Specs:
Dimensions: 11” x 51”
Warranty: 10-year limited warranty

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  • Hydroclean HC3 Carbon Filter
  • Hydroclean HC3 Carbon Filter dimensions

Hydroclean HC3 Carbon Filter - FEATURES

A patented valve on the top of the unit lets you bypass the filter when you use the hose outside or set up a sprinkler.
Using advanced technology to be more efficient, the Hydroclean HC3 whole-home water filter has a digital controller with a screen, so adapting to changes is easy. This includes a battery backup to ensure your settings and time stay intact during a temporary power outage.
Carbon made from coconut shells provides some of the highest performance in carbon filtration. The media does not get consumed, it regenerates itself, so it doesn’t need to be replaced for the life of the unit.
The bottom of the tank is home to a clean stone gravel to help evenly disperse the flow of water and prevent the fine carbon media from clogging your system.


Hydroclean HC3 Carbon Filter

Hydroclean HC3 Carbon Filter - FAQ

Can you test my water for me?
Yes! To install an effective water treatment system, we need to know what is in your water first. We start with a free water test that looks for water hardness, sulfur, iron, and other common contaminants. Your local Hague dealer can determine if a Hydroclean HC3 will be needed to correctly filter for the taste and odor issues in your water.
Does the HC3 treat all the water in my home?
Yes! Treating your water at the point of entry means all the water lines in your home are supplied with quality treated water. That means all your showers, bathtubs, and faucets will use the same great water, free from chlorine. Everyone in the home will have better water thanks to the HC3.
Do I need to change the filter in the HC3?
No, there is no filter to change. The whole system is a filter, and it recharges itself regularly on its own to keep your water at its best all the time. After your HC3 is properly set up, maintenance is at a minimum.
Do I need to add salt to this system?
With the HC3, you don’t need to worry about salt. Although many homes use a water softener to get rid of hard water, the HC3 is not a water softener. Waters softeners require salt to function, but an HC3 system uses the water to regenerate and flush the system clean so it can continue to filter for the life of the product.
What does the 10-year limited lifetime warranty cover?
The HC3 is covered by a 10-year limited lifetime warranty. This warranty is issued only to the original owner and states that Hague Quality Water will replace and repair any parts, materials or components that are found to be faulty at no charge for the first 5 years. During the second 5 years, replacements will be charged at 50% of the concurrent list price. This warranty does not cover damages from improper use of the unit, accidents, fires, freezing or neglect. Other restrictions apply, and owners must refer to the full original warranty.


Hydroclean HC3 Carbon Filter - USE & CARE