Built in Self-cleaning Dirt and Sediment Filter

The WaterMax® I is more than just a water softener. It is a multi-compartment water treatment system that removes dirt and sediment down to 20 microns with its patented built-in, self-cleaning whole house filter. As water enters a WaterMax® customized specifically for you water treatment needs, dirt and sediment is trapped in the upper chamber.

The patented neoprene screen is laser welded to the polypropylene tank allowing a high-pressure backwash, flushing all debris captured in the built-in, self-cleaning dirt and sediment filter, down the drain.

The built-in, self-cleaning, dirt and sediment filter eliminates the need for a homeowner to purchase separate cartridge type filter. With the WaterMax® homeowners eliminate the inconvenience of repeatedly changing messy and costly filters as is often required by conventional water softeners.

The built in self-cleaning dirt and sediment filter is only one of several patented features that make the WaterMax the most economical water softener available. The WaterMax® saves the consumer money on expenses such as salt, water, and replacement filter cartridges.