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WaterMax is a comprehensive water treatment system that is a multi-compartment tank. WaterMax was created as a whole-house water treatment system in one single unit. The difference between WaterMax and our competitors is that our competitors have multi-unit systems whereas WaterMax is a one unit system that can do the job. The phrase, “work smarter, not harder” can describe WaterMax.

Why use WaterMax?

  • WaterMax is an efficient water softener that is not harmful to our planet
  • Water softened by WaterMax will preserve the softness and color of your clothing
  • Using a water softener, like WaterMax, reduces greenhouse gases
  • WaterMax is made in America

You can try WaterMax for three months to see the difference it will make in your home. Contact a Hague Dealer to learn more!

WaterMax water softener

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