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Have you ever turned on the water and smelled something gross, almost like a rotten egg? That is a sign of sulfur in your water supply. It’s not pleasant smelling but it’s not harmful to our health either. The sign of high amounts of sulfur in the water supply is a result of the nasty smell. It’s important that you tackle this situation quickly because it can cause issues with your pipes and plumbing.

Homeowners stumble upon the rotten egg smell frequently which is why Hague Quality Water is able to save the day! Hague Quality Water’s WaterMax treatment system is designed to treat high traces of sulfur up to 5 parts per million (ppm). WaterMax is a comprehensive water treatment system that softens water, reduce iron and other ions. The unit is quiet and only has one moving part!

To see if the water in your home has traces of sulfur, iron or other ions, contact a dealer near you for a FREE in-home test. Let Hague Quality Water solve your water problems with WaterMax, a patented unit ready to make the water in your home more pure.

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