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It’s true, Hague Quality Water has a way with water. After all, water has been our main topic since 1960. The team at Hague Water is committed to finding the best solutions for hard, soft water and unclean water that could be in our homes. In fact, the Hague Water team has won 7 U.S patents!

Over time, we’ve created a handful of products that continue to revolutionize the water industry and we have another innovative product ready to solve your Hague Water - WaterMaxproblems. Let us introduce you to Hague WaterMax.

WaterMax is a water softener that will work for you in ensuring your entire house receives soft, clean water. Not only will you get softer water, but you’ll also be able to kiss that yellow film in your sink and bathtub goodbye.

WaterMax has a lot of good features but one of the great features is that WaterMax is ascetically pleasing. It’s a savvy unit that looks more modern than the typical outdated systems. WaterMax is also quiet, easy to set and maintains program settings during power outages.

If you’re in the market for a new water softener, check out WaterMax!

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