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Hague Quality Water It is possible to walk up to the sink in your home and pour yourself a glass of water right out of the faucet. A lot of homeowners question if the water in their home is safe to drink and ideally we want to tell you yes. However, in order to really determine if your family can drink water straight from the faucet, we need to conduct an in-home water test. Our Hague Quality Water dealer near you can perform the test for you and it’s rather easy and quick.

Hague Quality Water tests focus on a couple of different elements and the most important are testing the pH levels, mineral levels, and bacteria levels. Depending on where you live, such as in a neighborhood or in the country, will depend on the results. For example, well water, typically in more rural environments, may test higher for bacteria due to the nature of pulling water from a well. We got into further detail about testing for well water in our blog post, The Importance of Testing Well Water.

Typically, city water has less red flags since the water is treated and mandated by EPA standards. Even though this is the case, we still encourage you to have an in-home water test to triple check that the water is safe for your family to drink. We cover the differences between city and well water in this blog post, City Water vs. Well Water.

Without a doubt, reach out to Hague Quality Water to make sure the water in your home is safe! We promise you that you don’t have to buy water from the store and that you can drink water right from your sink. Give us a call, we’re ready for you!

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