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Cutaway of WaterMaxThe WaterMax® is designed to provide a comprehensive whole-house water treatment system in a single appliance. This innovative water treatment solution features a multi-compartment tank, which means you can use just one appliance to protect your entire home from many issues at once.

The WaterMax passes your raw water through three treatment phases to ensure your water is thoroughly treated to remove a variety of contaminants. This unique system is engineered to provide water treatment in less time, with less regenerate, and less water than conventional water softeners.

The first compartment of the WaterMax holds self-cleaning filtration media to eliminate the need for a separate replacement filter and their expensive cartridge changes. In this area, dirt and sediment are removed from the water providing filtration of any particles that may be traveling with the water.

In the second compartment, most commonly for homes in a city, a carbon filtration media is used to further reduce chlorine tastes, odors, and organics.

If your water does not have any bad tastes or odors, the media inside the second chamber can be customized to include a different option tailored to your exact water issue. Your local Authorized Hague Dealer can test your water to learn what configuration will work best for your home.

The third compartment utilizes a vacuum-packed, high-capacity fine mesh resin to provide maximum treatment of hardness. Hard water plagues over 90% of American homes — so if you’re interested in investing in a water softener, why not choose one that goes above and beyond to provide a built-in filter as well.

The patented, self-cleaning WaterMax is a whole house water filter and water softener in one appliance that is quiet, efficient, and sustainable. Additional advantages you will enjoy with the WaterMax include:

  • Smart Touch Controller
  • Patented Control Valve
  • Built-In Bypass
  • Patented Tank Design
  • Self-Cleaning Filter
  • Safety Shut-Off
  • 25 Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in the U.S.

Even with all of the different options available to our WaterMax, there are some contaminants it is not capable of removing, such as lead and arsenic. You also have the option to supercharge your system by pairing it with a Reverse Osmosis drinking water solution.  This advanced MaxPack provides the ultimate solution for your home and family.

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