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According to Robert Glennon, the author of Quenchable, America is in the middle of a water crisis. Americans do not place value on water nor do they appreciate water as much as they maybe should. Glennon says, we treat water like we treat air, in that it is ‘infinite’ and ‘limitless’. In reality it is the opposite, it is ‘finite’ and ‘exhaustible’.

Mr. Glennon has a great point. Quenchable explains how shortages will be a threat to not only the environment but in a large aspect of day-to-day American life. In the future, Americans may face shuttered power plants and more contaminated water.

Why not tow an iceberg from Alaska? Well, that faces its own dilemma.

American’s won’t lose water overnight but little by little the crisis will become more apparent. As Glennon says, “only when we recognize water’s worth will we be able to conserve it.” It is important to be responsible with our water and not to waste the valuable substance. Here are a few ways you can help conserve water!

  • Filter the tap water you use at home
  • Bottle your own filtered water
  • Take shorter showers
  • Turn the water off when it is not in use

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