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Water is a scarcity. According to this year’s State of the World’s Children report, only 39 percent of rural households in Niger have access to safe drinking water. Approximately 768 million people do have access to safe, clean drinking water and 2.5 billion people live without proper sanitation. When the water is unsafe & unsanitary, the unclean water that is consumed by the people can end their lives. Do you remember the blog post about World Toilet Day?

The United Nations Children’s Fund works (UNICEF) in more than 190 countries and territories with a mission to save and improve lives of young ones in those areas. UNICEF does so by providing health care and immunizations, clean water and sanitation, nutrition, education, emergency relief and more.

UNICEF is currently running a campaign to help those without water. Giorgio Armani is the official sponsor for the fifth year in a row. For every minute a user goes without their phone on the UNICEF Tap Project mobile application from March 1st – 31st, Giorgio Armani will donate one day of clean water to a child in need, up to $75,000. In addition, for each Acqua di Gio and Acqua di Gioia fragrance purchase in the U.S. from March 1st – March 31st, Giorgio Armani will donate $5. Giorgio Armani Fragrances will make a minimum guaranteed donation of $500,000 from all Acqua for Life promotions during the month of March.

You can take part in the UNICEF Tap Project by visiting UNICEFTAPPROJECT.ORG on your cellular device. We are dedicated to providing clean water to everyone. If you are concerned about the sanitation in your home, reach out to Hague Water today. Hague Water conducts free in-home water tests & is committed to providing clean water for your family.

UNICEF Tap Project

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