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There is a common myth that water is water and that all water is the same. This is not true! Not many people know that there are three different types of water. Utility grade water, working grade water and drinking water are the three different types. It makes total sense! Besides, we want the water in our home to be the best version of drinking water since water is used for drinking, cooking and cleaning!

There is another common myth that water in our homes doesn’t need to be tested. This also isn’t true. A lot of people don’t realize there could be an imbalance of pH levels or traces of iron in the water. The only way to tell if the water is 100% pure is to conduct a test.

Hague Water is passionate about helping others understand the importance of clean water in our homes. That’s why Hague Water conducts a FREE in-home water test to determine the quality of water currently in your home. Find a Hague Water dealer near you!

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