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There are a handful of signs that you may have problems with the water in your home. Not all of the signs, however, can be noticed by smelling, drinking or looking at the water. Some of the signs that can point to water issues can only be uncovered by a test. Hague Water highly recommends testing your water if you have even the slightest concern. Hague Water even offers a FREE in-home water test.

Here is a list of common water problems:

  • Hardness – If your water is hard, that is a sign of the water absorbing calcium and magnesium. Don’t worry, this is not a health concern.
  • Bad taste, odor and/or rust stains – This can be sign of iron and/or sulfur. High traces of iron can cause a metallic taste and leave behind discoloring in the sinks, toilets, bathtubs or clothes.
  • pH – pH levels can be determined with a water test. Levels of low pH are considered acidic and can damage plumbing.
  • Chlorine – When chlorine mixes with organics in water, trihalomethanes (TMH) are formed. Studies have shown that TMHs are cancer causing agents.
  • Hague Water believes that you should, ‘live clear with life support water.’ In other terms, clean water is very important to us. Hague Water is dedicated to providing the community with pure water. Hague Water offers a FREE in-home water test, find a dealer near you.

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