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You see a device either inside or outside your home that is called a water softener and you know it softens water. Do you ever wonder how water softeners work? There is a science to it and Hague Water has it down to an art. Let us do the honor of breaking down the science behind how water softeners operate.Hague Water - Hague Quality Water

Each water softener contains a bed of resin beads that the water moves through. During this phase, the water is considered hard water because it contains calcium and magnesium. Ion exchange takes place when the water moves through the resin beads by replacing hardness ions with soft ions which is the result of soft water.

Hague Water is committed to making sure the water in your home is pure enough for you to drink right out of the tap. Hague Water also wants to make sure the clothes in your home don’t tarnish, tubes and sinks don’t turn yellow and that plumbing pipes don’t get damaged. If you’re worried about the water in your home, reach out to Hague Water!

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