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Hague Water has a way with water! The team at Hague Water has worked on perfecting water treatment services since 1960. With over 57 years of research and products, Hague Water has created the most effective line up of water softener services.

We cover a lot of the details that make WaterMax stand out above the rest in our blog post, What is WaterMax. WaterMax is our patented approach to taking care of the water problems in your home. WaterMax is more efficient, takes less water and less time to accomplish clean water in your home. WaterMax is also more compact but more powerful than conventional water softeners.

Another terrific feature of WaterMax is the ability to regenerate either on demand, by calendar date or water usage. Along with a super quiet control valve, we have complete confidence that WaterMax will exceed your expectations. To learn more about WaterMax, contact a Hague dealer near you!

Hague Water - WaterMax

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