Clean, pure water is beneficial for your home and health. What if you could have a water purification system that was also good for the environment? You can with the H6000 reverse osmosis water purification system. The H6000 water filter provides clean water for your entire household by reducing unpleasant tastes and smells from chlorine/chloramines… Read more »

There’s nothing worse than dealing with a smell that you can’t get rid of, especially if it’s in every room of your home. The culprit may be your water. When water smells like rotten eggs the reason is most often related to the amount of hydrogen sulfide gas trapped in the water. Not only is… Read more »

If a lack of space is keeping you from enjoying the benefits of softened water, you need to take another look at your options. Hague has three high performance compact water softeners that will change the way you think about water softener sizing. Maximizer 97MM Compact Water Softener The patented Hague Maximizer is a compact… Read more »

Water softeners offer an excellent solution for a wide variety of water problems, from calcium deposits in pipes and stains on appliances, to unpleasant odors and stains on laundry. While the benefits of softened water are clear in most cases, many people are confused about whether or not they should be drinking softened water. Much… Read more »

Why is salt used in water softeners? Good question! Water softeners have a separate brine tank where salt is stored. During the brine cycle, water comes in contact with the salt which results in a brine solution. That solution is transported from the brine tank into the media tank (the other tank) and releases calcium… Read more »

Hague Water is pleased to present our recently updated and redesigned website. The new Hague Water website features new and expanded information on our comprehensive line of products and services. Details include product features and specifications presented in an easy-to-reference format. The new site is also designed to be mobile-friendly and present well on desktop… Read more »

So you’ve heard about this reverse osmosis (RO) water filtering system, but how can it help you? Turns out, reverse osmosis has a wide variety of benefits that could change the way your home and family use water. Below, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the benefits of reverse osmosis. First, and possibly most… Read more »

Are your faucets covered in stains? Do you suffer from chronically dry skin? Does your glassware seem more prone to breaking? Do your clothes look faded? These are all common signs of hard water. No, hard water is not an immediate health or safety concern but it can contribute to larger problems for your home… Read more »

At Hague, we stress the importance of clean water. One of the reasons being because of how directly correlated drinking water is with our health. Considering roughly 65% of our bodies are made up of water it makes sense that water is imperative for our survival. But how exactly does water affect you? What all… Read more »

In previous posts we have discussed what the WaterMax is and why it is useful, but in today’s post we will go a little deeper. Throughout this blog, you will learn what exactly makes up the Hague Water WaterMax and how it works. The WaterMax is made up of three compartments that ensure your water… Read more »