We hear all the time about local things, whether it is food preferences, sayings, or favorite pastimes. But water problems? Not so much. As it turns out, water problems do tend to change based on the particular region of the US. When you think in terms of geography, it only makes sense that coastline areas… Read more »

Our customers report noticing a big difference in their water, once they start using their Hague water softeners. One thing they mention frequently is how smoothly softened water glides across the skin. Since softened water is free of the dissolved minerals contained in hard water, it is noticeably less abrasive. Many people will call soft… Read more »

If you have been shopping for a water softener, you may have noticed that you have a variety of water treatment options to consider. Understanding the differences between the water softener systems on the market will help you choose the best system to provide quality water treatment for your home. All water softeners use a… Read more »

Many homeowners with well water have hard water issues, like ugly mineral deposits , or dingy stains on laundry. On the other hand, people with city water may not like the “pool water” taste and smell of the additives in city treated water. If you are among those who are not satisfied with the water… Read more »

When it comes to water problems, well water is often the biggest source of complaints. A big issue reported by most homeowners who have well water is difficulty with getting things clean. Whether it’s laundry, appliances, bathtubs, or sinks, some well water can cause heavy rust-colored stains on everything it touches. So, why do whites… Read more »

What is water softener resin, and why is it important to your water softener? If you have been researching water softeners, you may have heard about something called resin. Resin is the material used in water softeners to facilitate the process of ion exchange that collects the hard water minerals from your water. The proper… Read more »

Water is so important to your health and home. From food prep and drinking, to laundry and cleaning, quality water has benefits you can taste, smell, see, and feel. If you are considering investing in a water treatment solution, consider the quality water benefits you will enjoy with a Hague WaterMax®. A Water Softener System… Read more »

Leaf litter is the term used to describe the combination of leaves, twigs, and bark that accumulates on the ground in yards and wooded areas. As Autumn settles in, plants, shrubs, and trees begin to shed leaves, substantially increasing volume of this organic matter. The accumulation of leaf litter can have a significant impact on… Read more »

Many people are under the impression that city water does not require filtering or conditioning since it undergoes treatment at a municipal water treatment facility. In reality, this is not always correct. City Water Treatment The municipal water treatment facilities that provide city water are required to assure that the water they distribute meets the… Read more »