Water is so important to your health and home. From food prep and drinking, to laundry and cleaning, quality water has benefits you can taste, smell, see, and feel. If you are considering investing in a water treatment solution, consider the quality water benefits you will enjoy with a Hague WaterMax®. A Water Softener System… Read more »

Leaf litter is the term used to describe the combination of leaves, twigs, and bark that accumulates on the ground in yards and wooded areas. As Autumn settles in, plants, shrubs, and trees begin to shed leaves, substantially increasing volume of this organic matter. The accumulation of leaf litter can have a significant impact on… Read more »

Many people are under the impression that city water does not require filtering or conditioning since it undergoes treatment at a municipal water treatment facility. In reality, this is not always correct. City Water Treatment The municipal water treatment facilities that provide city water are required to assure that the water they distribute meets the… Read more »

A question we sometimes hear from customers who are considering the purchase of an RO water treatment system concerns the pH of reverse osmosis water. The purpose of this article is to clear up potential misunderstandings about the pH level of water and how it relates to reverse osmosis water treatment. What is pH and… Read more »

Many people considering the purchase of a water softener do not realize that the right water softener can actually save them money. While they may know all too well the reasons why hard water is objectionable, many people are surprised to learn just how costly having hard water can be. The soft water supplied by… Read more »

The WaterMax® is designed to provide a comprehensive whole-house water treatment system in a single appliance. This innovative water treatment solution features a multi-compartment tank, which means you can use just one appliance to protect your entire home from many issues at once. The WaterMax passes your raw water through three treatment phases to ensure… Read more »

People look to water softeners for cleaner dishes, softer clothes, longer-lasting appliances, and better tasting water. When it comes to water softener systems, all of your options are not the same. The utility-friendly WaterMax® is adaptable and designed with precision to meet a host of water needs, not just softening. The WaterMax is also built… Read more »

Hague Quality Water understands that water is a central element for your home comfort and health. That is why our commitment to serving your needs never stops, even during these times of COVID-19 uncertainty. Now more than ever, while people need to stay in, it is extremely important that your home have a dependable source… Read more »

People are spending a lot more time at home these days, and many are noticing something they had not given much thought to before – their home’s water. A lot of people who were drinking filtered water at work are now noticing the water coming from their home tap is not nearly as good as… Read more »

Considering the purchase of a water softener? A quality water softener is an excellent home investment that will provide a host of advantages ranging from better tasting drinking water to longer service life in water using appliances. Before purchasing, you will need to determine what size water softener you need. This requires determining your household’s… Read more »