According to Robert Glennon, the author of Quenchable, America is in the middle of a water crisis. Americans do not place value on water nor do they appreciate water as much as they maybe should. Glennon says, we treat water like we treat air, in that it is ‘infinite’ and ‘limitless’. In reality it is… Read more »

Do you know about the drama with bottled water? It could have its own reality show! It all boils down to a few facts we’ve uncovered. The advertisements and marketing efforts for bottled water companies persuade the consumer that their water is the purest of purified water. That isn’t even all of the drama…there is… Read more »

California’s Water Softener Battle What is going on with California’s water? It’s created controversy in small towns, city governments, and even in the California legislature. Lobbyists, townspeople and the state’s Governor have all weighed in on this issue. The all-important issue is this; do residents of California have the right to soften their home’s water… Read more »