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It may not make our daily news but water crises happen often across America. Major cities turn to one of the best ways to make sure their citizens get clean water and that is with reverse osmosis. These cities, like Hague Water, count on a method of purifying water to make sure that the water their community drinks is clean and safe.

The process of reverse osmosis may seem complex but it’s actually a simplified process. Hague Water’s H6500 RO, for example, pressure sense a solution
through the tank while allowing the water to pass to the other side. The left over items are then flushed out of the system. Bingo, reverse osmosis in a nutshell.

Most recently2016-08-31_13-52-45, Trinity, AL., found themselves in a bit of a situation due to a failure at the water plant. The plant resorted to the reverse osmosis process to remove 99.9% of the contaminants found in the water. This process has helped return pure and quality drinking water to the community.

Hague Water is the leader in residential and business drinking water systems and is committed to making sure that the water you are drinking is clean. This is why Hague Water offers a free in-home water test to anyone who is concerned about the water in their home. Find a Hague Water dealer near you to learn more!