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You’ve got the rotten egg smell under control, now you just need to do something about the iron. Remember the blog post about yellow stains being left in your toilet bowls or bottom of your bathtubs? The culprit is iron… well technically the culprit is Fe2023 but we won’t get technical.

When picking up salt for your water softener, you may have noticed salt titled, ‘iron out’. Your first thought may have been, ‘does this literally remove the iron?’ It does not remove all of the iron but it does help remove some of the iron compound. If your water tested high for iron then you may want to consider this type of salt. It has been proven to help reduce the iron in water and reduces the rust build-up in your water softener and pipes.

There are benefits of using iron out salt and we’ve pin pointed a few for you:

  • Taste of the water will improve
  • Rust stains will not build up so quickly
  • Reduce the amount of rust on pipes and other appliances such as the dishwasher, washing machines, water heater, sinks and bathtubs.
  • Reduces rust (iron) buildup in the softener’s resin bed.

To determine the amount of iron in your water, reach out to Hague Water for a FREE in-home water test! Hague Water is on a mission to educating and providing information to the community about common water issues. Hague Water will get you and your family on a path to cleaner water and sinks, pipes, dishwashers, bathtubs and washing machines.