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If you are looking to reduce the symptoms of hard water, look no further than Hague WaterMax. WaterMax can replace what would take four conventional units and save a chunk of money. There are many benefits to choosing the Hague Quality WaterMax water softening unit. To make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of benefits as to why WaterMax is the right solution.

  1. Gold seal of approval from the Water Quality Association.
    • The Water Quality Association is a not-for-profit international trade association which represents the residential, commercial and industrial water treatment industry.
  2. Self-cleaning, automatic, built-in, whole-house sediment filter and built-in free chlorine reduction filter
  3. Chlorine taste and odor reduction filter
  4. 1.60 cu. Ft. water conditioner with electronic control, meter and bypass
  5. Bacteriostatic process listed with USEPA #549369-0H-001
  6. Regenerates on demand, by calendar or exact water usage
  7. 12-volt low voltage power supply system
  8. Very quiet control valve (with only one internal moving part)
  9. Exceeds efficient standards in every state, including California.
  10. Multi-compartment media allows for flexibility in media configuration and allows for more usable resin capacity
  11. Prevents water channeling
  12. Up to 50% less regenerate, up to 80% less water and up to 80% less time
  13. Do not need to replace filters
    • No in-line filter necessary
  14. ULTRA-SOFT utilizes high-capacity fine mesh resin, vacuum packaged for maximum treatment hardness
  15. Self-cleaning Bacteriostat, inhibits bacteria growth in the resin bed

There are many other advantages when selecting a product from Hague Quality Water. For example, all of the products from Hague Quality Water are created by the most innovative engineers in the water filtration industry. In fact, Hague Quality Water has received seven U.S. patents. Hague Quality Water is committed to educating the community about clean water and getting you and your family on a path to quality water. If you have questions about any of the Hague Quality Water products, be sure to contact us today. Hague Quality Water offers free in-home testing, to set up your appointment locate a dealer near you!

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