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Will Sarni, Founder, and Principal of Water Foundry wrote an interesting article on what innovation looks like when water is a strategic resource. We couldn’t help but want to share his study with our blog readers.

Sarni attended Water Technology and Environment Control event in Israel this past month and learned a handful of new ways to help reshape our ways of thinking about water.  His biggest takeaways of the event covered topics of innovating water as a strategic resource.

  • Consider thinking about water security more holistically was his first takeaway. It would be good for us to consider ways to secure our water in case of major disruptions in water supply from conditions that we can’t prevent such as natural disasters from extreme weather.
  • Digital technologies should take a bigger part in making sure they don’t hinder our water supply but help our water supply. This could be done by having a better understanding on how to manage wastewater quality, among other things such as real-time updates on whether or not water is safe to drink.
  • Water problems aren’t one organization’s problem and sometimes it requires a lot of stakeholders to jump in and handle. It’s important to remember that water problems we face today and maybe in the future is a problem for everyone and we should all support making smarter plans with our water. Although technology can help we need to not put all of our eggs in that basket.

Hague Water strongly encourages everyone to consider making changes to help save the water in their home from not being used when not needed. Make sure your laundry loads are large and not just one item, make sure the dishwasher is totally full and not just a couple of items and not water the grass if it just rained. These are just a few ways we can do our part in helping save our water!

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