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Clean, pure water is beneficial for your home and health. What if you could have a water purification system that was also good for the environment? You can with the H6000 reverse osmosis water purification system.

H6000 reverse osmosis water filter

The H6000 water filter provides clean water for your entire household by reducing unpleasant tastes and smells from chlorine/chloramines used in city water treatment processes. The system is also certified to reduce fluoride, lead, arsenic, nitrates/nitrites and more.

How it works:

  1. Sediment Pre-Filter – Reduces any particles larger than 5 micron to prevent clogging the other stages of the filter to prolong their service life.
  2. Carbon Block – Reduces chlorine/chloramines taste and odor before passing through the reverse osmosis membrane. Replace every six months.
  3. Reverse Osmosis Membrane – Targets and reduces 13 contaminants, including fluoride, nitrates, nitrites, lead, radium and arsenic. Replace once a year.
  4. Prolonged Contact Filter – A filter specially designed to reduce the chemical chlorine from city water.
  5. Carbon Block – One final filtration pass to reduce any additional objectionable tastes and odors. Replace every six months.

This multi-staged water filtration system provides the highest quality of drinking water for less than 50¢ per gallons versus the high price of bottled water. Plus, the Hague H6000 produces more drinking water for every gallon that goes down the drain to flush the filtered contaminants compared to ordinary systems that waste significantly more water.

  • Able to produce 19 gallons per day delivering cleaner, healthier water for all of your drinking and cooking needs
  • Reduce more than 95% of fluoride for cleaner, healthier water
  • Includes first set of filters, RO tank, faucet, and all parts required for installation

Earth Day 2020
In addition to superior water quality, the H6000 eco-friendly water purification system offers convenience. The environmentally friendly carbon and RO filters are easy to quickly change out and have almost no environmental impact since they feature much less plastic than ordinary filters. Plus, it eliminates the need to buy bottled water! According to, only 23% of the 1,000,000 plastic bottles bought every minute are recycled. The rest end up in our landfills and oceans, building up every year. Start reducing your plastic consumption today with a Hague H6000 water filter for great quality water right from your tap!

The Hague H6000 is the most efficient and eco-friendly RO system for water purification available today. Contact your local Authorized Hague Dealer to learn more.

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