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During a discussion of fresh water shortage, you may have heard someone mention, “Why don’t we just tow an iceberg?” Although, they may be trying to solve the problem of not having water, towing an iceberg is not the solution, at least not today. This is a common theory among people who want to prevent water shortages.

Towing an iceberg presents many risks and dangers. Check out a ‘game’ created by Ocean Explorer and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The point of the activity is to attempt to tow an iceberg. You direct the boat in the direction of the iceberg and the boat makes an attempt to tow iceberg. The image below shows the results of what happens during the process. The boat sinks, the iceberg melts, the iceberg breaks apart, the iceberg becomes bankrupt or the iceberg runs aground. As you can see below, one block is listed as “Success.” Icebergs are known to be towed away from boats or oil drilling areas in the North Atlantic. However, it seems as though fresh water will need to become more of a limited item before we embrace the costs of towing icebergs.

Water from Icebergs game from NOAA

Here are a few tips to conserve water:

  • Take shorter showers
  • Turn off water that is not being used
  • Filter tap water
  • Bottle your own filtered water

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