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There can be great danger when fluoride is in your drinking water. The worst part, fluoride is added to 2/3 of American’s tap water. A lot of families depend on their tap water as their water resource for the family. This is just one of the reasons why you should consider an in-home water test.

Fluoride can cause a handful of problems but mostly to pregnant women and young children. Drinking fluoride can cause harm to the IQ of children and to cognitive development. New studies show that the effect of adding fluoride to drinking water can cause harm to pregnant women and young children as their immune system is developing. These side effects were not considered before and new evidence is showing that we have created a bit of a problem. As of 2015, The Department of Health and Human Services recommended that water utilities reduce the amount of fluoride added to tap water by 40 percent, which is down from the last recommendation of 1.2 part per 0.7 ppm.


Reach out to Hague Water if you are worried about the water quality in your home. We have measures we can take to make sure the water in your home is safe and ready for your family to drink.

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