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The demand for fresh water around the world and in California is increasing daily with drought concerns. One city may have a solution to solve a lot of the fresh water problems. Their method is unconventional and may have you turn up your nose. How would you feel about drinking sewer water that has been cleaned and purified? The Orange County Water District is purifying reclaimed water in a new project some call ‘toilet to tap.’

The program takes 96 million gallons of treated waste water a day and sends it through a processing plant which makes the water drinkable. The process only takes 45 minutes to clean, making the waste water go from dirty to drinkable. The water goes through an intense three step process which includes processing through filters, membranes and blast with UV light.

Orange County Water District doesn’t send it to the tap once the water is purified. Instead, they send the water to a basin which helps replenish ground water. Groundwater has been a resource for farmers in California and can cause some harm. Remember the blog post, Groundwater pumping = Earthquakes?

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