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If you have well water, it is important to be aware of a potential problem you may have in the fall. As leaves fall and spent foliage dries in the autumn months, a blanket of organic debris accumulates and covers the ground. This not only means extra chores for you to do, it can also create a cause for concern with your water. 

Leaves in pond

The Problem with Organic Debris and Well Water

The organic debris, or leaf litter as it is often called, not only collects in yards, but in creeks, ponds, and storm drains. If the leaf litter has a chance to decompose, it can be beneficial by adding nutrients to the soil. However, if heavy rains occur, the debris can wash  into nearby water sources before it has a chance to break down. This in turn creates stagnation, flooding, excessive runoff water, and eventually can cause contamination in water supplies, including wells.

Ways to Make Sure Your Well is Protected

A good first line of defense for protecting your well is considering the way you manage your yard waste. Instead of blowing or raking leaves around the perimeter of the yard, mulch leaf litter or bag it up for disposal. Remember, the area around your well should always be free and clear of organic matter and debris. It is also important to make sure your well cap is properly sealed and has no cracks or damage. Keeping the opening of your well intact is essential for preventing exposing your water to the elements.

How to Assure the Quality of Your Water

Well water is susceptible to a variety of contaminants, beyond leaf litter, including chlorine and lead. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron are also common in well water, and could also have an adverse impact on the quality of your home’s water. Having your water tested is essential in determining what’s in your water and the most effective way to treat it.

No matter what the season, the best way to assure the quality of your well water is with a reliable water filtration system. Fully customizable and precision designed, the WaterMax Signature Series is user-friendly and provides you with fresh, softened, and filtered water from every tap in your home, every time.

The WaterMax® Signature Series Reliably Provides Quality Water

The WaterMax® Signature Series Water Softener is the dependable and cost effective solution for you. This eco-friendly system can remove hardness, foul smells, bad tastes, cloudiness, and discoloration from your water in a single compact system.  

Watermax Signature Series

An important feature of the WaterMax Signature Series is that it can be customized to treat your specific water issues. Which means if you are dealing with both tannins and hard water, your WaterMax can be custom-built to handle them both! 

Other features include:

  • Built-in bypass – water your lawn salt free
  • Smart touch customized controller
  • Built-in salt monitor detects low salt levels 
  • Uses up to 80% Less Time
  • Uses up to 50% Less Salt
  • Uses up to 80% Less Water
  • Fine Mesh Resin
  • And more

In addition to better quality water, you will enjoy benefits like brighter laundry, elimination of stains and soap scum, and even savings on your monthly and yearly budget!

Ready to learn more about how a WaterMax Signature Series can improve your well water? Begin with scheduling a free water test with your local authorized Hague dealer. Contact your local dealer today!

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