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Dry Skin from winter

Dry skin is a very common complaint in winter. Many who suffer from dry skin patches or painful cracking skin are at a higher risk during winter. There are many reasons why people experience dry skin in the colder months, including lower humidity levels and more exposure to heated indoor air. 

As a Cleveland Clinic dermatologist explains, “Our skin traps humidity or moisture thanks to natural oils, which act as a barrier of protection and hydration. In general, dry skin is caused by a weakened skin barrier.” The reason skin feels drier is because “there’s a decrease in these natural oils, due to overwashing or using products that dry out your skin.”

A few obvious ways to remedy the problem of winter dry skin are showering less frequently, avoiding harsh scrubbing, and using moisturizing lotions. There is also another way you can give your skin a break during the colder months. Upgrade your bathing routine with softened water.

How Softened Water Can Help Remedy Dry Skin

While hand and body lotions can relieve the problem of winter dry skin, improving your home’s water can be very beneficial in preventing the onset of dryness – especially if you have hard water. This is because when you bathe, the calcium minerals in hard water bond with body wash or bar soap you use, creating soap scum. This film sticks to the skin and prevents natural oils from developing. Softened water not only has less minerals in it to bond with your soaps, it more effectively rinses away the suds leaving your skin cleaner. That means your pores do not get clogged and the skin can create the natural oils it needs to remain moisturized and healthy.

Other Benefits Soften Water Can Offer During Winter

In addition to more moisturized skin, there are other winter time benefits softened water can provide for your home and family. 

  • Softened water is more appealing to drink – high levels of hardness can make your water taste bitter and unappealing. Keeping hydrated is especially important in the colder months, when people don’t think to keep up their water intake as much during the heat of the summer.
  • Softened water ensures you’ll have hot water when you need it – calcium and magnesium minerals will build-up a layer of rock inside your water heater, which means the water will take longer to warm up. 
  • Softened water means your warm winter clothing will be soft – the mineral and soap scum caused by them can stick to the fibers of your laundry, leaving them stiff and scratchy. When you’re already suffering from dry skin, wearing fabrics that have lost their softness and flexibility can feel like sandpaper against your skin.

Enjoy Soft Water Benefits this Winter with a WaterMax

Watermax Signature Series

The WaterMax Signature Series water softener and filter is a fully-customizable water softener system that is designed to meet your needs. This high-efficiency system addresses your unique and specific water challenges, providing quality water throughout your home. Features include:

  • Built-in bypass for chores like watering lawn
  • Easy-to-use smart touch controller 
  • Audible and visual salt monitor alerts
  • Efficient water distribution
  • Fully customizable filtration chambers when your water has more than just hardness issues
  • Safety shut-off to protect from water overflow
  • Protective grid plate for consistent brine concentration

If you’re already fighting seasonal dryness problems, remember that even if you can’t change the weather, you can change your water! Contact your local Hague water dealer to have your water tested. Our Authorized Hague Dealers will come to your home and perform a water test and consultation at your convenience to determine your water hardness. After that, they will recommend the best solution for you.

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