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It’s not uncommon for our Hague Water dealers to get questions about sodium consumption from water softeners, the efficiency of water softeners and the expenses of operating water softeners. We uncover three, most popular common myths in our industry.Hague Quality Water

Some people think that you cannot drink water from a water softener system because it has too much sodium. This isn’t true! Although there is sodium in water from the water softener system, it’s not a lot of sodium. The average amount of sodium in a quart of water is 75-100mg. A medium serving of French fries has about 246mg of sodium.

There is a common misconception that water softeners waste salt and water. WaterMax water softeners are one of the most efficient conventional water softeners on the market. The efficiency of WaterMax water softener is due in large part to the patented technology such as directional flow screens.

Another common myth about water softeners is that water softeners are too expensive to operate. This is totally not true! In fact, using an efficient water softener can reduce heating bills up to 29% and uses 50-75% less detergent.

If you’re worried about the water in your home, reach out to Hague Water! Hague Water offers free, in-home water tests so that we can make sure your water is clean and pure enough to drink.

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