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We imagine that when you saw brown water coming out of the faucet that it wasn’t a pretty sight. More than likely, you started to feverishly search on Google what the problem is and perhaps that’s how you found this blog post. We’re happy you did.

More than likely, the brown water is a result of an overload of iron and/ or manganese in the system. Too much iron and / or manganese causes the water to turn a brown color and leaves an unpleasant sight. Another reason why your water may be brown could be due to a pipe that is rusting and coloring the water. We recommend that you reach out to a Hague dealer to conduct a FREE in-home water test. Our Hague Water representative will test the water for pH levels, metal levels (such as iron and manganese) & more.

Although, the metals won’t harm you, we recommend that you conduct a water test with a Hague Water dealer. This will help determine if there are too many metals in the water or if the pipe is rusty. Besides, brown water is not very welcoming for bath time. Let Hague Quality Water solve your water problems today!

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