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All the talk these days in the water industry is about the breakthrough discovery of reverse osmosis. We agree that it’s worth all the chatter as reverse osmosis has a lot of benefits that result in clean water. Hague Water created the H6500 R.O. system that makes the reverse osmosis process one of the most efficient systems on the market.

Reverse osmosis is a process that exchanges ions which creates clean drinking water. The H6500 R.O. system produces 1 gallon of drinking water to every 4 gallons going to drain. Our reverse osmosis system is not only efficient in creating clean drinking water but it’s also efficient in saving money on your monthly water bill.

Forget the need for water bottles, you’ll be able to drink right out of your tap with H6500 R.O. Find a Hague dealer near you to learn more about our reverse osmosis system.

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