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Insulated water bottles are super trendy right now and we love it. We hope that this trend doesn’t go away because it’s a great replacement for plastic bottles. We touched on this topic in another blog post, The Drama with Bottled Water.

Insulated water bottles are a really great way to help save the environment. There are a handful of options available to buyers and prices totally vary. We’ve seen insulated water bottles priced anywhere from $3 to $80. The trend of insulated water bottles has become so trendy that you can buy one pretty much anywhere from Walmart to Walgreens.

The goal of an insulated water bottle is to keep your water (or fluids) cold or warm. We’ve listed out a couple of popular options for you. We encourage you to consider choosing a water bottle that can be reused versus a plastic water bottle that could be harmful to the environment.

  • Yeti’s are probably the most popular option on the market at the moment. They are known for their stainless steel, thick, cylinder shape. Yeti pride themselves for BPA free products, No Sweat design, and double-wall insulation. Prices vary depending on the size of the tumbler and range from $19.99 for the 10 oz and $69.99 for the 64 oz.
  • S’well is another popular insulated stainless-steel water bottle. S’well is different from Yeti in that the shape of the bottles are primarily in the shape of an actual water bottle with a screw off and screw on cap. The bottles are triple-walled which eliminates condensation on the outside of the bottle. S’well gives back a portion of their sales to charities which help provide clean water to others. The price point of S’well bottles ranges from $25 for a 9oz bottle to $45 for a 25 oz bottle.
  • MyHydrate bottles are ‘smart bottles’ with features that automatically track your water intake, remind you to drink water and has a spill proof lid. If you have trouble remembering to drink plenty of water then this is the bottle for you. MyHydrate bottles are 26oz and are $39.99.

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