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We hope the title of this blog didn’t alarm you too much as there isn’t a lot to worry about with Hague Water but it could happen to you so we wanted to be certain we informed our users. Bacteria could be in your water but not in the manner you are probably thinking. A while back we posted two blogs educating our readers on the fundamentals of water softeners, How Water Softeners Function and Zeolite.

What we want to bring to your attention is that bacteria can form inside the tank that stores the zeolite or the resin beads. It is important to check on this tank to make certain it doesn’t have any slimy bacteria on the inside walls of the tank or around the lid. We recommend that you store the water softening tanks in an area that won’t allow the lid to be lifted (for example, a raccoon could lift the lid if outdoors and not closed properly).

The zeolite or the resin beads have quite the lifespan of 15 or more years. You may consider changing the resin beads if the water does not stay soft for more than a couple of days. For example, if you add salt to the system and a day later you notice symptoms of needing salt such as, rotten egg smell or hard water, it may be time to change or clean the resin. To begin with, give us a call and we will take a look at the situation. Odds are you may just need to clean the resin which would be nicer to your wallet than purchasing new resin. Without a doubt, Hague Water will get you on the best path for your needs.

If the water in your home is hard or has a funky smell to it, be sure to reach out to Hague Water. We offer a FREE in-home water test and will guide you to cleaner, softer, better smelling water. Our team of experts is waiting to hear from you and ready to answer any question you may have. You can locate a dealer near you by visiting our dealer page.

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